Falling to pieces / Emma & Regulus


He felt how weak the topics she brought up were. But she, of course, would turn to Quidditch for a distraction. “Yeah, I’m sure we’ve got a good chance.”

Regulus could feel the atmosphere drop perceptibly from where it’d been before, and he didn’t really want the conversation to die out. Emma certainly wasn’t a close friend of his, or ‘friend’ at all really, but they were getting on pretty well earlier, and he’d enjoyed it.

"Look, why don’t we just move on. Like that didn’t even happen," Regulus said, watching Emma’s eyes while waiting for a response. Though her mask was so well constructed, masking her emotions, it was in her eyes where you could see her true feelings just a bit. "We can go back to how it was earlier… if you’d like."


Eyeing Regulus skeptically, Emma pressed her lips together in a tight line. Did she want to stop being awkward? Yes, yes she did. Her small talk was doing a pitiful job at chasing away the storm clouds currently making themselves at home in her head, but going back to how it was easier said than done. She’d been doing so well at ignoring her problems but he’d gone and brought them all to the surface and Emma was finding it difficult to shove them back into the locked box from which they had appeared. Still, the way they had been before was better than the way they were now. Regulus was giving her away out of an awkward situation that didn’t involve compromising her pride. It was better than than alternative, Emma figured, allowing herself to relax ever so slightly. Her cold mask slowly changed into a much warmer, yet slightly wary expression as she dropped her pureblood demeanour. “Fine,” she said softly, deciding to let Regulus lead the conversation and decide what they did next.

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"And I thought my brother was addicted to coffee to the point it got annoying. Looks like he’s got competition."

"You know, I was almost going to say it’s good to see you, but since you called me annoying I’m not going to."

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"Someone get me a goddamn coffee before I lose it and punch someone."

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THE SKINS CHALLENGE: [3/7] characters → Mini Mcguinness

Well that’s what happens. But you adapt, don’t you? You look at what’s changed and you find a way to own it.

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Freya💋💋💋 en We Heart It.


Freya💋💋💋 en We Heart It.

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Follow us if you love Freya Mavor


Follow us if you love Freya Mavor

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[Moira walks around in Diagon Alley looking into glass windows, as she is trying to find herself some new clothes when she suddenly bumps into someone] Oh, I`m sorry. I didn’t see you there. 


"Watch where you’re going, idiot," Emma hissed, looking at the broken mess of recently brought quills and ink on the ground.

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Marlene didn’t mind that this was in the middle of Diagon Alley, mind you. She scoffed at Emma’s comment, her own fist tightening and her arms growing rigid. “Sod off, you scrawny piece of shi—” And then her jaw was stinging, ringing all the way up to her cheek. Her hand automatically whipped up to her cheek, fingertips delicately running over her red skin. She had an almost sadistic smirk on her face as she took a moment to compose herself. “Oh, you shouldn’t’ve done that.” She muttered darkly, before she immediately punched Emma back in that pretty little face of hers. The other hand went flying into her side.

Did Emma mind that she was getting into a fight in the middle of Diagon Alley? Not particularly - at least not at this current moment. Of course, when her all-too-invested in her reputation Mother finds out, then it’ll be a different story. But for now, Emma was perfectly content to allow her red hot anger to rise up and overshadow her usually cool and composed demeanour as Marlene attacked her back. Emma managed to avoid the punch to the face, however in a bid to dodge that she found herself almost doubled over from a punch to her side. “You asked for it, McKinnon,” Emma hissed, eyes burning with anger. She really, really hated Marlene McKinnon. In an attempt to get Marlene on the floor, Emma swept her leg right into McKinnons, hoping to knock her legs out from under her. At the same time, Emma too aimed a punch at Marlene’s side.

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Marlene wasn’t one to keep up with pureblood civilities. At Emma’s comment, the wavy haired blonde stepped even closer, seeker’s steely gaze glaring into her competitor’s eyes. Deep within her, Marlene was very self conscious about the things people said about her. She could always hold her own with the boys of her class, and after years of shrugging off public speculation, she developed a thick skin. But this comment chipped away at it. She placed both of her hands on Emma’s shoulders and roughly shoved her, not afraid of whoever saw. “One day you’re going to learn that you can’t run your mouth wherever you walk. It’d be a pleasure to show you the consequences.”

The thing about Emma is that she could be the perfect pureblood princess when she wanted to be, but she could also be the ruthless captain who wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if the need called for it. Marlene shoved her, and had Emma not had such excellent balance from Quidditch she would’ve done more than just stumble slightly. All traces of the princess gone, Emma glared menacingly at Marlene.
"Now, now, McSlut, didn’t your mother ever teach you it’s rude to shove people?" Emma mocked, right before her fist went flying towards Marlene’s face.

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